The best outcome we can achieve for one of our clients is to help them avoid litigation or loss.

Our extensive experience in disputes, corporate collapses and insolvency gives us insight into the origins of problems that destroy businesses, wealth and lives. Through this experience we have gained the knowledge and expertise to prevent or mitigate the consequences of these events.

We can assist you with development of processes and policies, regulatory guidance, compliance and risk management frameworks.

We also recognise that not every company, business or individual has the luxury of a large legal spend, particularly in the early stages of development.  Further, you don’t need our level of expertise for the parts of the document or contract that don’t really matter. We are happy to assist you in working out what really matters, now and 5 or 10 years in the future, so you can target it with the attention it needs now.

We also undertake risk based reviews of contracts, processes, practices and frameworks to identify the areas where the greatest risks to you and your enterprise lie. We deliver practical, simple and cost-effective responses to these latent threats before they become problems.

Finally, not every threat can be avoided.  When issues and/or disputes arise, it is critical that you look into the future to anticipate how that threat might evolve, and what it could mean to other areas of the business, other assets or your family’s wealth. 

We pride ourselves on the practical solutions we give our clients to respond to contagion risk across their business, personal assets or asset portfolio.