Agribusiness & Rural Issues

Drawing upon more than a decade of experience in the Agribusiness sector we provide comprehensive legal services to Agribusiness clients including landowners, national and international wholesalers and marketers, primary production enterprises, processors and investors.  We have expertise in distressed asset transactions, refinancing, buy and sell side transactions, fundraising, investments and investment structuring, regulation, valuation, and property disputes.

The commodities, produce and assets Mackay Lawyers & Advisors are experienced in include pine and blue gum forestry, sandalwood, teak and mahogany, almonds, cattle, cherries, avocados, stone fruit and dairy.

We put our clients in touch with key contacts in the agribusiness consulting, valuation and asset management fields, using our deep industry contacts to provide our clients with the industry expertise and opportunities they need.

With our expertise in financial services, finance, structuring and commercial, asset and property disputes, we are uniquely positioned to advise on strategies to manage financial risks on and off the farm, to advise on commercial transactions and dealings with financial institutions and, if necessary, vigorously defend our clients’ interests in any financial or commercial dispute.